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A great little doc I worked on. Full sound design & mix.   

When Sophie and Megan play Mummies and Daddies… we learn rather a lot… about Mummy and Daddy. New short film written and directed by Deborah Haywood, produced by Lucy Tate, and funded by Rankin Productions. Starring: Demi Jo Parker, Billie Lee Parker, Stacey Sampson, Kenton Hall Mixed in Pro Tools 8 HD.

Here’s a short film I mixed last year. The tale of a conscious slot machine that communicates with a man called martin that she has spotted in the arcade, through his addiction she is able to draw him in to play! The only thing from stopping him from winning the jackpot over and over is the psychotic arcade manager derrick who makes things difficult for martin to grasp his desires. Created by Rory Marchant.

Here is a short film I have just completed the the sound design for. I recorded most of the foley as well as using sound effects from other sources. All mixing was completed using Pro Tools 8 HD.

Free sound fx! just search!

This sound can be used as foley for someone handling a plant like putting a rose in a vase which already has other flowers in it.

Dark Hip Hop/Grime Instrumental With Police Sirens: Beat 12 by SonnyLota Flute Hip Hop Instrumental Beat: Flute by SonnyLota Poverty’s Paradise Hip Hop Instrumentak Beat: String Quartet Hip Hop Instrumental Beat: Beat 029 Beat 058 Piano Hip Hop Instrumental Beat: Piano Minor by SonnyLota Victory Sampled Hip Hop Instrumental Beat: Victory2 by SonnyLota Beat 38: Beat 38 by SonnyLota Beat 006: Samples by SonnyLota

LED Festival 2011.

Piano Minor by SonnyLota

Victory2 by SonnyLota